Where to Start...Volunteer Opportunities for your Burns Park PTO!

Volunteering in the classroom or on a PTO committee is a wonderful way of connecting with your child, his or her classmates, Burns Park teachers, and other parents who make up our Burns Park community. Please read about the many way you can volunteer below and help make this year amazing for our kids! To sign up to volunteer in the classroom or on a committee go to: www.volunteer.bppto.org.

Burns Park Run:
Over 1,500 runners compete in this community-wide race. Volunteers are needed before and during the event for a variety of tasks. The race is a much-loved community tradition. (May)

Community Service:
Explore and implement a sustainable program that encourages Burns Park students to give back to the community. Past efforts have included Lunches with Love and the Burns Park Clean Up. (All year)

Disability Awareness Workshop:
This is a one-day, hands-on workshop for Burns Park fourth graders offering students insight into living with physical disabilities. Volunteers are needed to manage the many stations that make up this important workshop. (Spring)

Fall Festival:
Volunteers help coordinate music, set up, and clean up at our school’s first social event of the year, a casual school-wide picnic in the park. Families bring a blanket and dinner and reconnect at the start of the new school year. (September)

Fall Fundraiser - Dine-Out for Burns Park:
This is a not-to-be-missed social event composed of a dinner and silent auction. Many volunteers are needed to help with event logistics, operations, advertising, public relations, and host of other activities. (November)

Family-to-Family Giving:
Volunteers offer creative and clerical support to this annual program that gives Burns Park families the opportunity to donate to other Burns Park families in need during the holiday season. (December)

Field Day:
A sporting event organized by the Burns Park Physical Education teacher. Parent volunteers supervise students and help run games throughout the day. Volunteers are needed in the morning and/or afternoon. (June)

Fifth Grade Graduation:
Volunteers coordinate activities for fifth grade graduation, including fundraising projects throughout the year, events for the graduating class during the last week of school, and a brunch after the graduation ceremony. (All year)

Friends of the Library:
Volunteers work with our school librarian to address the overall library needs and assist with library events throughout the year. Volunteers also assist the librarian in planning and implementing “March Is Reading Month” activities, a highlight in our school year. (All year)

Hospitality & Teacher Appreciation:
The PTO provides refreshments for various functions at the school. Additionally, we organize two teacher appreciation events including a holiday and end-of-year lunch. Volunteers are needed to assist with coordination and planning. (All year)

Ice Cream Social:
This is a much anticipated, annual fair held at Burns Park. Volunteers are needed to plan activities and entertainment, staff booths and concession stands, set up, and clean up. (May)

Information Technology:
Volunteers maintain our Burns Park PTO website and database, assist in creating email lists and publishing the school directory. This is a great job for tech-savvy individuals with knowledge and enthusiasm for computer programming. (All year)

Movie Night:
This fundraiser takes place monthly, on Friday evenings. Volunteers select films, advertise, sell tickets (backpack mail) and supervise the event. This takes a village! (All year)

PE Night:
Help the Burns Park Physical Education teacher organize a night of bowling and hip hop dancing for the entire family (early January).

Picture Day:
Parent volunteers spend 2–3 hours assisting photographers with administrative tasks such as notifying classes and helping organize students. (September)

This committee works at various times during the year to assess and plan for the school’s playground needs. (All year)

Volunteer to read aloud to groups of students for one day at the end of “March Is Reading Month." (March)

Running Club:
The Burns Park Running Club is for all students at Burns Park. Students meet twice a week for 45 minutes to run and exercise in small groups led by parent volunteers. A perfect way to train for the Burns Park run, and exercise with your kids and their friends! (Sept - Nov & Mar-May)

School Vegetable Garden:
Help students plant seeds, harvest vegetables and learn about food. Volunteers are needed for the Weed & Seed program and to work with classes when they come out to plant and harvest. Sign up to help with one class or to help each week. (Sept - Nov & Apr-Jun)

Science Olympiad:
Volunteers coach teams of students (grades 2–5) competing in the Washtenaw Science Olympiad. Teams meet weekly during late winter and early spring to practice. There is a final competition against teams from other schools in Washtenaw County (Feb-May).

Special Interest Fair:
Students create projects on topics of their choice and display their work for one day/night for students and families to view. Volunteers are needed for check-in and to monitor displays during the school day and during the evening session. (Feb/Mar)

Walk & Talk:
At lunch recess, students walk and run for fun and physical activity. Volunteers supervise students and keep track of laps completed. Join us during lunch recess Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Sept - Nov & Mar - Apr).

Take candid photos of classroom activities, parties, field trips and other school activities throughout the academic year, then share them with the Yearbook Editor. (All year)

Again, to sign up to volunteer go to: www.volunteer.bppto.org.

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